EPA TIER-4F Mobile Series

Why Tier 4 Final?

Tier 4 Final is the latest emission regulation applicable to new engines in off-road equipment, including construction, mining and agricultural equipment and stationary engines in marine vessels by the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board that are in the USA.

Tier 4 compliant engines significantly reduce particulate matter (PM) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions to near zero levels. Compared to the previous emissions standards, engines that comply with Tier 4 Final standards reduce emissions by over 95 percent.

What is TIER 4 Engine-Driven EPA Series?

John Deere (EPAJ) and Volvo (EPAV) branded diesel-engined series of Aksa are sets suitable for the American market and that have EPA Tier4 emission certificate.

What are the Characteristics of TIER 4 Engine-Driven EPA Series?

  • Very low NOx emission (approximately 80%), optimum performance,
  • Minimum release of carbon and particles,
  • Generator groups with 5 different power operating between 44kWe and 172kWe,
  • With VSS Switch, 3 different Voltage outputs as 240V/120V (1 Phase), 208V/120V (3 phase), 480V/277V (3 phase),
  • Working also at high altitudes with turbo engine series,
  • Production options with aluminium cabinet and trailer
  • Having a 400A Powerlock load output connection (2x20A 120VAC, 3x50A 240VAC socket) adapted to the load output panel on it
  • Quick assembly and easy usage on site
  • Electronic and programmable Tier4 Final engines

What are the Advantages of TIER 4 Engine-Driven EPA Series?

  • Since these sets have Final Tier4 emission class, they are environmentally friendly and suitable for gas emission regulation countries.
  • Its ability to be mounted on trailer provides ease of transfer.
  • Provides easy installation without the need for special equipment in relocations at construction sites and mine sites.
  • Provides a Powerlock connection that allows load cable assembly with bare hands without requiring any auxiliary apparatus,
  • They are products suitable for the American market.
  • They can show high performance in challenging ambient conditions.

What Makes TIER 4 Different From Other Series?

  • It has an automatic filter cleaning system, requiring a low-level operation,
  • Does not require ash service until the first major engine overhaul.
  • Works with a low noise level with its smart exhaust filter.
  • Since PM (Particulate Matter) level is low, it does not require a particle filter.


What are the Usage Areas of TIER 4 Engine-Driven EPA Series?

It is frequently used in construction sites (construction, oil&gas facilities, mine sites etc.) with its assembly on a trailer and easy equipment feeding. Moreover, it is preferred by rental companies that use this type of product as a back-up in case of emergency, together with a trailer that provides easy transfer.

Which Engines Are Used in EPAJ Series of Aksa?

Only Final Tier4 emission certified John Deere diesel engines are used in EPAJ series engines.

Which Engines Are Used in EPAV Series of Aksa?

Only Final Tier4 emission certified Volvo diesel engines are used in EPAV series engines.

How to Maintain TIER 4 Engine-Driven EPA Series?

In addition to a typical diesel generator maintenance, DOC and DEF maintenances on Tier4 Final engines must be performed according to the engine manufacturer's recommendations and instructions.Using low-sulphur fuel in Final Tier4 engines will extend after treatment (DOC, DEF etc.) maintenance intervals.

Particle and emission fall down chart from Tier1 to Tier4

As Aksa Power Generation, we produce solutions suitable for all sectors with our EPAJ and EPAV model generators between 45 – 567 KW, which we offer in the mobile prime product category.

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