Our Mission

To be a company that provides 360-degree solutions to energy needs in all areas of life, that can quickly take and implement action via all its operational functions, that places customer satisfaction at the center of its strategy, and that leads the industry in every geography where it operates.

Our Vision

To produce solutions that meet all energy needs of people so they can continue their daily lives without interruption...


A SENSE OF BELONGING Commitment to corporate culture and core values
QUALITY 100% customer satisfaction, innovative
ACTION Agile, making a difference


Our Goals and Objectives

• To maintain our leadership position in Turkey and to be one of the leading and most preferred brands of the industry worldwide
• To manufacture effective, efficient, economical, functional and robust systems that focus on the customer
• To develop new technologies for products that will make our customers lives easier

Our Competitive Advantages

• Power generator manufacturing facility with the world’s largest production capacity
• The first and only Turkish generator company to manufacture in the USA
• The only generator company with the accolade of the Turquality brand
• Turkey’s first generator manufacturer with sales on its own e-commerce website
• Growing footprint in the global arena with its new trade center in the Netherlands
• 25 locations across the world
• Affordable pricing
• Extensive engine options
• Superior synchronization experience
• Enhanced product portfolio
• Widespread leasing network and aftersales services
• Short delivery time
• Industry specific solutions