Natural Gas Generator

Benefits of a Natural Gas Generator
Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel energy source available, produces nearly a third less carbon dioxide than coal and almost half less than oil when burned
What is the Advantages of Natural Gas Generator?
High Safety, Less Running Costs and Convenience are other key benefits of Natural gas.
Why Purchase a Natural Gas Generators?
  • Convenient
    • No Refueling
  • More Savings
    • Low fuel consumption and low fuel cost up to 40%-60% savings
  • More Enviromentally Friendly
    • Low noise level
    • Low exhaust emission
What is the Critical Criteria Required for Natural Gas Generators?
  1. Gas flow required in the installation should be fully met.
  2. Typical fuel supply requirements are .5psi and 7-11” WC.
  3. Always check with your gas supply organization and your generator specialist prior to purchasing.
What is the typical money saving benefit of a Natural Gas Generator?
  • Fuel Consumption of Natural Gas Generators varies from 6m³ to 4472m³ at 100% load in Aksa models, depending on the KW capacity.
  • Natural Gas Generators do not need extra maintenance compared to alternate fuel sources.
  • Oil, oil filters and air filters should be changed at recommended times (250 hours in standby generators, 1.000-2.000 hours in continuous motors.)
  • Typically, the running cost of natural gas vs. diesel is significantly lower per operating hour
Where are Natural Gas Generators utilized?
  1. Residential
  2. Shopping Malls
  3. Airports
  4. Industrial Areas
  5. Greenhouse cultivation
  6. Hotels
  7. Villa's
  8. Multi-Family housing
  9. Educational Facilities

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